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Amare Ragdoll Cattery was created for one single reason - The love of the ragdoll cat! Amare is Love in Latin, and we love these amazing felines. We are a TICA registered Ragdoll Cattery that specializes in the traditional colored ragdoll as well as the rare and unique  sepia and mink colors. Ragdolls are very social creatures and crave constant companionship.  If you are not home with them most days, they will quickly bond with the family dog or other pets in the home.  When you are ready to buy a Ragdoll Kitten and if you work outside the home or are gone most of the time your Ragdoll will need companionship, any other house pet would be fine or you can consider getting two kittens to grow up together.  We love to see two of our kittens get to grow up together so we do offer a discount when two kittens are adopted together. Adding a Ragdoll Cat or Ragdoll Kitten to your home is an amazing and fulfilling experience that you and your family will never regret!

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Available Ragdoll Kittens For Sale

Recent and upcoming litters


"Mocha" Is a stunning seal  point sepia female kitten.

We are keeping her to add to our females in our cattery. She is TICA registered and out of our Queen Hersheys Kiss.

Mocha 20201019_142805.jpg
Fiona 20201019_142447.jpg

Reeza is a handsome seal point mitted male ragdoll kitten.

He has been SOLD to Anthony P.. He is TICA registered and out of our Queen Angel.

Jaden 20201019_141649.jpg

Sapphire is a stunning Chocolate point Sepia Female Kitten. She is a very unique color and has been Sold to Kim. She is TICA Registered and out of our Queen Xemain.

Fiona is a darling Seal  Point Mitted Female. She has been SOLD to Irene P. She is TICA Registered and out of our Queen Angel.

Reeza 20201019_141144.jpg

Jaden is a handsome Seal point male Ragdoll Kitten. He has been sold to Becky. He is TICA Registered and our of our Queen Angel.

Sapphire 20201023_121155.jpg
Asher 20201023_121641.jpg

Asher is a Handsome Unique Chocolate Point, solid Sepia Male Kitten. He Has been SOlD to Jen B. He is TICA registered and out of our Queen Xemain.

Tiffany is an adorable chololate point female kitten. She Has been SOLD to Anthony P. She is TICA registered and out of our Queen Xemain.

Tiffany 20201019_142943.jpg

Sasha is a beautiful  Seal Point Mitted Mink Sepia female Kitten. She has been SOLD to Cathy A. She is TICA registered and out of our Queen Xemain.

Sasha 20201023_120919.jpg

Our Queens & King

Fun, Fur and Frolics

Angel-Ragdoll Cat-202004015 small.jpg
              Our Queen Angel 

Angel  is a Beautiful Traditional Seal Point Mitted
Female,. She is the largest of our queens and he produces very intelligent kittens that are very affectionate. TICA Registered Ragdoll

Our Queen Hershey Kiss

Hershey Kiss is a Stunning Seal Point Mitted Mink (Dark Chocolate colored) Female. She has a fun personality and she is a great mom that produces adorable Choclolate colored kittens. TICA Registered Ragdoll

Hershey's Kiss 20200316_165109.jpg
Xemain 20200417_180744.jpg

Our Queen Xemain

Xemain is a beautiful blue-eyed traditional seal point ragdoll. She is an amazing mom and produces exceptional kittens with great personalities. She is TICA Registered.

Lucius Male Ragdoll Cat 20200313_155103.

Our King Lucuis

A Handsome Chocolate Sepia
Male . Lucius has a wonderful temperment  that he passes on to all of his kittens. He is a TICA Registered Ragdoll

Our King Poncho

Pancho is a Gourgous Chocolate Point
Male . He has a very chill  personality and is loving and affectionate. He is a TICA Registered Ragdoll

Pancho image002.jpg

The Story of Amare Ragdoll Cats

In the Beginning

Amare Ragdoll Cattery was born out of the love of the Ragdoll cat. We have been raising and breeding animals on our Wyoming ranch for over 25 years. We raise AQHA registered Quarter Horses, Alaskan Malamute dogs and it just made sense for us to add Ragdoll cats to our animal family. 

Motivated by a passion for animals and a deep understanding of quality pet care, we continue to serve a growing client base and expand our available kittens to meet cat lover's needs. When you buy a ragdoll kitten from Amare Ragdoll Cats, you become part of our family. We stand behind the kittens we raise with a health guarantee and lifetime support.

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31 Road AFW, Powell Wy. 82435


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