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Ragdoll Cats Temperaments

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Ragdoll cats might be often called a docile breed but they still love to play and be part of other fun family activities. You do realize that you are owned by a cat don’t you?

If she is hungry she will use a small voice to get meals or to ask for pats and affection but they are not particularly noisy. They are pleasantly mannered creatures that are really easy to live with.

The Ragdoll is friendly enough that it can usually get along really well with other pets, dogs or children. Since you can train them to walk on a lead they are a great choice if you travel often. Because of their larger size males are the best choice for those with young children, however you need to be sure that play is exactly that and has not extended to torment.

Also be sure because of its size that you teach the children to hold the cat properly, with both front and rear legs supported. Never hold a cat with the hind end hanging down, even if it has gone a bit floppy.

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